Connect with your fellow Chevening Alumni.

Since 1983, more than 2000 Mexican students have been awarded with the Chevening Programme to study a Master's degree in the UK. Where are those Cheveners, what are they doing and what can they do together?

The Chevening Alumni Mexico (formerly MCAA) was founded in 2012 as a space to promote the engagement among Chevening alumni. For six years the association has worked to build a wide alumni network through organising different academic and professional events.

From the experience gained in these six years, the Association redesigned its structure and, for the first time, had an open election to renew its presidency. Furthermore, the internal organisation was strengthened and opened to new members.

Therefore, the new Executive Committee started its functions on April 1st, 2018, and will work accordingly to the present Work Plan.

Our Mission

To consolidate the Chevening alumni network in Mexico by encouraging the collaborative work among its members, the British Embassy, and other key actors; as well as to promote the Chevening Programme all over the country. To become a self-funded association with a wide range of action and solid resources to achieve its goals. To actively participate in the Global Chevening Community.

Our Vision

To become a factor of change for the Mexican reality, through its strong alumni network, its collaborative work, and the cooperation with the UK government, to achieve common goals by fostering advocacy projects. To be a global reference and a key alley among the global Chevening community.


Ser un becario Chevening no sólo implica contar con el mejor apoyo financiero que un programa de becas puede dar, sino también es la oportunidad de ser miembro de una red mundial de prestigio.
— Duncan Taylor, British Ambassador to Mexico

What We DO

  • Informal Networking events.
  • Exclusive Job Offers for Chevening Alumni.
  • Mentoring.
  • Academic, Business and Political oriented events with distinguished speakers.
  • Promotion of the Chevening programme. 
  • Participation in future Chevening selection process.
  • Raise of public awareness of the positive impacts of the Chevening scholarship.